We know you're serious about sustainability.

That's why you've been invited to join The Heroes Circle.

We believe that there is power in the collective.  As a Hero, you will take on an important leadership role and will stand aside some of Australia's most influential companies in leading the transformation towards a circular economy. 

Together, we will empower everyday consumers to make the most of Earth's diminishing resources and provide the product stewardship programs, infrastructure and technology to make it easier for them to participate.

 We also believe that a circular economy is more than just a sustainable initiative or a message to keep consumers engaged. It's about retaining value.

It's about doing the right thing as much as it is about being commercial. 

The Heroes Circle has been a year in the making and combined with the launch of the Ecoactiv Digital Platform, we're confident in saying that this will be revolutionary.

Join the Heroes Circle and lead the transformation.

The Heroes Program

When you come on-board as a Hero, you'll be transformed into one of Australia's most influential sustainability leaders and will have the Product Stewardship Programs to back it up.

Launch Your Own Product Stewardship Program

As a Hero, you will lead by example with your own Product Stewardship Program. Our product stewardship experts will work with you to design, launch, operate a Program that will deliver you both sustainability and commercial benefits.

Your Program can take shape as a simple buyback program or be an innovative closed-loop practice unique to your organisation.

If you already have an existing Program, we work with you to uncover ways you can enhance your services or increase your footprint across all states.

Enhance Your Stewardship Efforts with Ecoactiv

Ecoactiv benefits your brand as much as it does for your consumers. The platform expands your disposal services by allowing your consumers to organise for their disposal items to be picked up any day of the working week or collected at one of many drop-off points available through the Activ Group network.

Items from all waste streams are accepted through the Platform and are prioritised for recycling, donation or regeneration. Landfilling is always the last resort.

As a Hero, you will have the ability to build Ecoactiv into your business and access data for your sustainability reporting.

Set and Meet YouOne Million Impact Goal

With the right product stewardship program and technology to assist, you will be able to set and meet your most ambitious sustainability target yet. 

As part of the Heroes Program, you are encouraged to take a One Million Pledge. The Activ Group's 2020 goal is to roll out the Ecoactiv Digital Platform and onboard one million buildings to participate in the Circular Economy.


The Pledge you'll make is your commitment to influencing one million people or diverting one million of something from landfill.

It could be...

one million tonnes of waste...

one million devices...

one million clothes...

Through our Digital Platform, you will be able to track your impact.

Create and Tell Your Sustainability Leadership Story

Australia's waste crisis has captured consumers attention and changed their expectations of brands.

Sustainability practices are not just "good to have", it's what keeps your customers loyal and attracts new segments.

Our PR and Marketing mavens will work with your teams to position your brand and executives as thought leaders. Your sustainability story and your product stewardship program will be known to consumers nationwide.

Advertorials, video content and articles are just some of the assets we'll help you build and circulate.

And in 2020,  you will be joined by some of the most powerful brands, known influencers and the followed media, at an inaugural Circular Economy event. This event will be remembered as the 'inflection point' - the point in time where Australia finally turned the tide and celebrate the One Million Impact milestone.