Enabling a circular economy with Ecoactiv

The digital disposal platform that will revolutionise the way homes, businesses and buildings dispose of unwanted items.

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Making it possible for everyone to participate in the circular economy

The Ecoactiv Digital Platform:

  • Removes the barriers of disposing items by making it simple and convenient, assuring data destruction, fitting personal circumstances and removing physical barriers.

  • Enables the Circular Economy, globally. Everything we buy and use will follow a sustainable journey and be managed in a way that is good for human health, and the environment.

  • Extends a product’s life, or easily extract and protect the value of materials and embedded valuable resources through to their end-of-life and reuse by manufacturers in their closed-loop practices.​​

  • Empowers consumers to choose and access options to responsibly recycle, reuse, repair, donate, trade-in, sell and transform products and materials to its ideal reformation.

  • Facilitates collaboration across all parties - Consumers, Communities, Brands, Organisations and all those involved in the design, production, sale and use of products. We will come together on one platform to benefit, share, communicate, exchange and prosper in a way that protects our environment.


Tell us what you've got, where its located and how you want to get rid of it. It's that easy






Create a list of all the items you want to dispose of.

Add anything from your home or office electronics and appliances to fixtures and fittings.

Tell us where the items are located.

Ecoactiv takes your location type and address, analyses your items list and will recommend the best disposal options for you.


Choose the disposal option that best suits you. 

Ecoactiv provides disposal options and services to choose from, including pick up, drop off, add-on packing and de-installation assistance, funded and low-fee disposal.

Track your waste through the disposal timeline, know how much you've diverted from landfill and even get rewarded for it. 

Heroes can reward users for their participation by providing discounts and vouchers to spend instore or online.

Imagine a future where all of this is integrated into your business.

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